Best CloudFlare Settings For WordPress

These days, CloudFlare is almost universally well known among tech-savvy WordPress servers and web performance geeks. However, many users don’t realize how important it is to optimize all the settings. Many users will simply enable CloudFlare and then leave it, and then wonder why they are having some performance issues later on. This blog post … Read moreBest CloudFlare Settings For WordPress

SlickStack On Product Hunt, StackShare, Siftery, Etc.

We are steadily increasing our community outreach for SlickStack including social media activity, discussion forums, and beyond. This also includes getting listed on some of the web’s top software directories like: Product Hunt StackShare Siftery AlternativeTo G2 Crowd While we are wary of relying on proprietary and possibly biased directories — Silicon Valley investors, for … Read moreSlickStack On Product Hunt, StackShare, Siftery, Etc.

SlickStack Reaches 100+ Stars On GitHub

They say it’s the small things that matter most, and this week we hit 100+ stars on GitHub! A small yet significant sign that there is legitimate interest in simple, reliable, Bash-based server deployment tools for WordPress stacks. While we probably won’t be highlighting too many “stars” achievements going forward, they say 100 makes you … Read moreSlickStack Reaches 100+ Stars On GitHub

SlickStack Now Supports ClassicPress

Update: due to aggressive censorship of users on and the betrayal of their own promise to be champions of free speech and transparency, we’ve decided not to support ClassicPress for the time being and wish their project the best of luck. After several weeks of testing we’re happy to announce support for ClassicPress, the … Read moreSlickStack Now Supports ClassicPress

Announcing The Open-Source SlickStack Project

We are pleased to announce the launch of as the official website homepage of our free and open source SlickStack project! Although our company has been using a form of “SlickStack” for several years for our private managed hosting clients, we decided during 2018 to begin organizing and branding it in a better and … Read moreAnnouncing The Open-Source SlickStack Project