SlickStack Vs. OneInStack (Alternative)

There is some confusion about OneInStack because it has so many potential builds and modules. When comparing OneInStack to SlickStack, really the best comparison is their LNMP build, which is actually independent from OneInStack. But since everyone just calls it OneInStack, that is what we call it here too.

WordPress Focused OnlyYesNo
100% Free Of Charge (No Premium Add-Ons, etc)YesUnsure
100% Open Source SoftwareYes (GPL)Yes (Apache)
No Corporate Overlords / Big Tech AffiliationYesYes
Standard Bash CommandsYesUnsure
Designed Specifically For Ubuntu LTSYesNo
Avoids Email Blacklists (No Email Servers)YesUnsure
Includes Modern Email API Support (e.g. SendGrid)Planned (SendGrid)Unsure
Includes Optimized MU PluginsYesNo
Integrates CloudFlareYesNo
Dependency-Free (Works On Any Ubuntu LTS)YesUnsure
WP Single SIte OnlyYesNo
Direct / Root Server ManagementYesYes
Includes Monitoring ApplicationPlanned (Monit)Unsure
Upgrade Server Packages Without ConflictPlannedUnsure
Includes Malware / Antivirus ScanningYes (ClamAV)Unsure
"A" Grade From SSL Labs (HTTPS)YesUnsure
"A" Grade From SecurityHeaders.comYesUnsure
HTTPS (SSL) Only Server ConfigurationYesUnsure
Built In Object CachingYes (Redis)Unsure