SlickStack Vs. WordOps (Alternative)

Looking for a WordOps alternative? Want to know how WordOps compares alongside SlickStack? Browse the table below to see a detailed breakdown of features…

WordPress-Focused OnlyYesYes
100% Free Of Charge (No Premium Add-Ons, etc)YesYes
100% Open Source SoftwareYes (GPL)Yes (GPL)
Standard Bash CommandsYesNo
Designed Specifically For Ubuntu LTSYesYes
Avoids Email Blacklists (No Email Servers)YesNo (Postfix)
Includes Optimized MU PluginsYesNo
Integrates CloudFlareYesNo
Dependency-Free (Works On Any Ubuntu LTS)YesYes
Direct / Root Server ManagementYesYes
Upgrade Server Packages Without ConflictYesUnsure
Database SoftwareMySQLMariaDB
Built-In Object CacheYes (Redis)Yes (Redis)
Created By WordPress Hosting ExpertsYes (LittleBizzy)Yes (VirtuBox)
Tested Especially For KVM VirtualizationYesUnsure
Can Run With Less Than 1GB RAM MemoryYesUnsure
Free SSL Certificates (Forever)YesYes
100% Container-Free EnvironmentYesYes
GDPR-Free Parent CompaniesYesNo