SlickStack is the result of several years of research and testing by LittleBizzy, resulting in market-leading technical SEO. While SlickStack is actively used by and developed for our managed WordPress hosting business, and is primarily effected (back and forth) by what we aim to achieve, there are still multiple ways you can contribute.

  1. Open an issue on GitHub. For tech savvy developers, esp. those with LEMP stack and WordPress experience, this is one of the best ways you can contribute. Reporting bugs, suggesting technical improvements, or other general concerns (but NOT asking for support), helps SlickStack to get better and better, while remaining free and open source.
  2. Spread the word about SlickStack. Besides technical suggestions and feedback, another valuable way to contribute is simply letting other people know about SlickStack. This could be on public forums such as Reddit, Facebook, and discussion boards, on your personal or company blog, or at WordPress Meetups and other events.
  3. Move your extension to GitHub. The future of SlickStack (and forks of SlickStack?) will continue to integrate GitHub into our default search tools for WordPress plugins and themes. We strongly believe the future of WordPress is decentralization — meaning recognizing that it has evolved past the bad faith, abuse, and trolling that infests the website — and this can only happen by getting more agencies and developers to maintain public repos on GitHub. Say goodbye to SVN and Automattic’s melodramatic fiefdom. Remember, nearly 70% of WordPress contributions are now from non-Automattic employees! We do not wish to fork WordPress, but we do wish to solve the years-long political stalemate.
  4. Financial donations. We don’t yet have any donation methods, but we might consider launching something if the time comes…