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Config files location

**But shouldn’t configs be outside the public root?**

There’s lots of “should” and theorizing in computer programming, but one reason for the success of WordPress is its pragmatism and user-friendliness. There’s plenty to criticize about WordPress from the perspective of things like “12-factor apps” but let’s remember that WordPress was around before many of these guidelines and even after better approaches have been founded, WordPress is still the king of CMS software for a reason.

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One of the most requested features ever, custom cron jobs, is finally here! A lot of developers who have come across SlickStack always say "this is awesome and super optimized but I still need the ability to add a few custom cron jobs" for a special API to import their...

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Starting immediately, SlickStack has begun warning WordPress sites that have MailChimp software installed that we will begin banning it by default at some point in the near future (Note: users are always free to install their own plugin blacklisttxt file, instead of...