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SlickStack Config: TLD vs Domain

There are currently two variables in the ss-config file which are SITE_TLD and SITE_DOMAIN. The reason for this is that SlickStack aims to be as verbose as possible so that advanced developers can understand and control what is going on (to avoid unclear behind-the-scenes configuration).

As you can see, if we tried to automate too much of the setup and configuration process, we might not consider certain atypical situations or environments. In some cases there are only 1 period in the full domain, and in others there are two, three, or more periods. Make sure to always remove all slashes from both of these variables.

How we maintain both HTTP and HTTPS mirrors

GitHub Pages is an awesome feature that came out a few years ago on GitHub to allow for basic, static-file HTML websites to be hosted free of charge on GitHub. It can be a bit confusing to understand in the beginning, because you must connect one of your repos to be used for a given […]

Native Staging Sites (Optional) In Subdirectory

For the past several weeks, SlickStack has been testing our new Staging Site feature and it is now live on all SlickStack installations. If you use another staging service or simply don’t use staging at all and wish to disable staging sites, simply change your ss-config options to be STAGING_SITE=”false” and it will later remove […]

Adminer Bundled For Easy MySQL Management

The very lightweight Adminer script is now included by default in all SlickStack installations, hosted as a single adminer.php file under the /var/www/meta/ directory. This “hidden file” approach means a cleaner public web root, and less room for attacks and exploits. It uses the Nginx alias feature to point requests to to the /var/www/meta/adminer.php […]