Installing SlickStack should work fine on most any KVM VPS server out there. The trickier part is finding a high quality and well managed datacenter nearby your target audience! Even when some of the most well known cloud networks claim to have datacenters in “New York, Dallas, and Tokyo” for example, in reality these datacenters are often owned and managed by other partners, meaning that the quality and consistency of your server experience might change drastically between each datacenter location.

That said, we currently recommend using SlickStack on the following networks:

  • SSDNodes. High quality network focused on growing steadily instead of too fast. Big defenders of free speech and civil rights, and understand what that entails.
  • Vultr. Perhaps has grown a bit too fast, and could be more transparent on their uptime. Overall shows lots of promise and great performance.
  • DigitalOcean. Slightly slower network response, but they make up for it in terms of stability. UI is slick, if not a bit overdone.
  • Linode. The geekier, older cloud. UI is getting a lot better, but their AUP, professionalism, and support still needs work.
  • RackSpace. Used to be famous for their support, but lots of rumors they’ve gone lately in more ways than one. Hopefully they can simplify their offerings and improving pricing and features, and add more competition to the cloud community.

We have our eyes on these networks:


We do not recommend the following networks:

  • RAMNode. Now forces all their customers to abide by the GDPR even if they are not from Europe. Confusing, vague policies. Performance seems quite good, however.
  • AWS/Amazon/Lightsail. Rapidly creating a dominant monopoly that independent teams and businesses should not patronize, frankly. Poor support.


Suggestion? Feedback? Let us know. Happy to update this list or add more networks at anytime. Those who verbosely support SlickStack will be prioritized.