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Vultr Review: Slick UI, Nicely Done Linux

Perhaps has grown a bit too fast, and could be more transparent on their uptime. Overall shows lots of promise and great performance, their philosophy seems to be “stay out of the way” of clients. Their UI is also fantastic and simple, easier to use than DO for general web development.

Datacenters: US, UK, Europe, Australia, Japan


Vultr is one of the best performing clouds and UI control panels around. They are constantly upgrading their hardware and seem to approach the cloud VM world from a “quiet and steady” approach where they have a sleek and minimal design, non aggressive marketing, and just aim to retain customers with good quality and staying out of the way.

The one drawback we’ve seen is that they do not seem fully transparent about uptime. For example, many times a node or datacenter will be having networking problems but their status pages show that no issues exist, even when they are aware of issues. They now have an email notice option available but its turned off by default.

This makes us assume they are aware of their instability and try to sort of hide it while they pursue aggressive growth.

We hope they can either slow their growth a bit to a point they can better manage their stability or scale up their support and network systems to be able to handle monitoring and support better.

Overall its a very competitive priced cloud and lots of fun to be had. They seem to be professional and do not annoy you by shutting off servers without warning — for example if they find malware infections they tend to get in touch with you first and let you resolve the situation.

We’ve had no free speech issues with them so far, but if you have please do share your experience publicly.

For now its a 4/5 stars for us.

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