Below installation steps assume that you’ve already spun up a new VPS instance on your favorite KVM cloud network. Your VPS must have Ubuntu 18.04 LTS installed with 2GB RAM and at least 1 CPU core (2 CPU cores is better) before continuing below:

1. sudo mkdir /var/www/ && sudo chown root:root /var/www/ && sudo chmod 755 /var/www/

2. sudo nano /var/www/ss-config

configure your ss-config file as desired using this boilerplate

3. cd /var/www/ && sudo wget -O ss && sudo chmod 755 ss && sudo bash ss

4. sudo reboot

Note: ensure that CloudFlare is activated on your domain, preferably before starting SlickStack installation, otherwise OpenSSL will not be “signed” properly by CloudFlare and your site will have SSL “errors” when loaded in your browser…