Announcing The Open-Source SlickStack Project

We are pleased to announce the launch of as the official website homepage of our free and open source SlickStack project!

Although our company has been using a form of “SlickStack” for several years for our private managed hosting clients, we decided during 2018 to begin organizing and branding it in a better and more useful way so that the WordPress community at large could benefit from our many years of research and experimentation with LEMP stack servers.

We accelerated development of the project during 2019 and its now nearing what we’d call a Beta release stage, even though its already being used live on hundreds of production servers and high traffic WordPress sites around the world.

All development, versions, and tech issues (bug reports, etc) will be done 100% at the official GitHub repo, and nowhere else.

This homepage will act as a hub for branding, information, tutorials, and industry relationships.

We hope to expand with several articles and resources that are directly and indirectly related to SlickStack and LEMP stack servers, including WordPress performance and security, and beyond.

Thanks for stopping by, and please browse around.

— LittleBizzy

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