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Lightning-fast WordPress on Nginx

How To Optimize WordPress Speed Without Plugins

Ever since Google decided that website speed would begin effecting rankings — around 2018 — and even before that, WordPress website owners have been trying to figure out how to speed up their websites.

The wonderful thing about open source software is that it’s FREE and can be downloaded, shared, altered, and customized.

However, without clear guidance and “rules” about best practices, and with so much competition about WordPress theme and plugin developers, there is a never-ending stream of performance problems when it comes to WordPress. With so many options to choose from — many of which often overlap and conflict with each other — it means that the majority of WordPress websites have had issues with things like loading speed and security at some point.

During the time around 2015-2020, “speed plugins” and tons of different “cache plugins” have been released and marketed to WordPress users to speed up their website. However, what most website owners don’t understand is that adding another plugin to the mix might help some things, but ultimately is adding more “bloat” to your stack.

And unless your web hosting (server) is high quality and loads quickly, nothing else matters anyways.

So in the past few years, thankfully many business owners (and web developers) have been finally admitting that it’s time to stop relying on the old-fashion cPanel web hosting companies that load thousands of websites on the same shared hosting. Even most of the “premium” WordPress web hosts are still shared hosting, despite the high price tag. (The performance is often better, most of the time, but the price tag is often insane… and the environment is often very proprietary.)

Are you back again looking for a WordPress speed solution that does NOT require a janky speed/cache plugin, and NOT an expensive over-priced premium web host?

Welcome to SlickStack! Our free script for Nginx can setup a new server in just a few minutes on any cloud datacenter you choose.

For just $5/month your website will be loading faster (and achieve better SEO signals) than any web host out there!

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