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SlickStack is a free LEMP stack automation script written in Bash designed to enhance and simplify WordPress provisioning, performance, and security.

Rules of SlickStack

  1. Don’t alter system files that don’t need to be altered
  2. Don’t compile core modules from third party sources… if it’s not available as a native package for Ubuntu LTS the we don’t support installing it
  3. If you do need to alter system files, make it less invasive as possible by “source” SlickStack files instead of dumping code in the system files
  4. Never prevent native Bash commands from working properly (aliases should be complementary, not replacements)
  5. Verbose filenames, code comments and bash syntax in all scripts whenever possible (be specific… what is happening?). Unlike WordPress itself, SlickStack users are expected to interact with the bash scripts regularly (and look at their contents) so we need the filenames and contents to make sense to a typical (beginner) web developer. Instead of “ss-install-wp” our scripts are divided into core packages and config for each module so “ss-install-wordpress-core” and “ss-install-wordpress-config”… which one do you really want to run? This helps users understand exactly what our files do and thus helps them to be more specific when running the scripts. Our bash alias shortcuts are easier/faster however, for advanced users who want to save time on keystrokes… thus “ss install wp” will install both WordPress core and also WordPress config in one generic command.
  6. Once and only once, unless it will create instability… see #4
  7. Defer to upstream whenever possible… if Ubuntu LTS uses MySQL and PHP 7.2 then we use MySQL and PHP 7.2, etc
  8. Self-contained whenever possible… nearly all SlickStack files are solely under /var/www
  9. Self-reliant whenever possible… SlickStack servers will still function when third party services are removed

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