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Lightning-fast WordPress on Nginx

Free Ubuntu LEMP Stack Script for WordPress

If you’ve been setting up your own LEMP servers manually for a long time and looking to automate the process, you may be interested in SlickStack. Just like you, we were annoyed with how so many scripts and deployment apps always tried to force you into certain weird settings, or branded everything heavily to the point you had to learn their system from scratch.

NOT so with SlickStack.

Our project is truly pure bash scripts, that include our flagship approach to cron jobs: we include a harcoded crontab file, and a set schedule of included cron jobs. Then, using the ss-config file you simply tell your SlickStack server which bash scripts you want to run at which time of day. Super easy, and the ultimate in stability and security.

If you want a custom script to run, no problem. Simply add your custom bash script to the /var/www/crons/custom/ directory and it will run on the schedule you uploaded.

Does this approach sound interesting? We know exactly what savvy developers want — super lightweight, super minimal, and truly BASH.

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