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LittleBizzy is a private business that maintains open source SlickStack. This approach is meant to be mutually beneficial to both the web community at large, and also to LittleBizzy (mentions, backlinks, brand awareness, etc). Although we make a strong effort to keep SlickStack a reasonably independent project that encourages competition and collaboration, there are inherent things that will likely benefit LittleBizzy because of this relationship.

A small number of the “recommended” services have done business with or for LittleBizzy at a certain point. That said, nobody has “paid” or compensated us in any way to be mentioned on this website, and we do not accept any forms of payment to be listed or recommended here. We only recommend products and services that we feel are high quality and beneficial to the SlickStack approach. Many of our current and former clients and partners are in fact NOT listed on this website for exactly this reason. In certain cases, there might be two reasons for a service to be recommend on this website: 1) we feel it jives well with the SlickStack approach and 2) we might have a partnership agreement with that service. In any case, we will only recommend services on this website if we feel as above that it matches well with the SlickStack software and philosophy.

There are no affiliate links on this website. We do not make any direct money from referring business to any recommended services.

If you feel that we can improve our transparency in any way please open a new Issue on our GitHub repo. Thanks!

Thanks to our generous sponsors for their support!