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Last modified on August 30th, 2022

Web Hosting

Technically speaking, SlickStack should work fine on pretty much any Debian-based VPS server (or dedicated/bare-metal server) out there, although we recommend KVM virtualization over other options currently, since it scales so easily and is very reliable.

The trickier part is finding a high quality and well managed datacenter nearby your target audience! You see, even when certain well-known cloud networks claim to have datacenters in “New York, Dallas, and Tokyo” (for example), in reality these datacenters are often owned and/or managed by their partners, meaning that the overall quality and consistency might change drastically between each datacenter location.

One of the most extensive and frequently updated directories of KVM server deals around the world is managed by LowEndBox and is updated several times a month (albeit, they largely focus on English-speaking audiences). So go over there if you want to find some of the cheapest deals around from startups and local ISPs that often focus on just a single region(s) or datacenter(s). In many cases, this approach is not only a better deal, but is also better managed than other behemoth “cloud” companies which tend to have poor customer service.

The future of hosting is regional performance and decentralization…

Managed SlickStack hosting:

Some of our favorite cloud networks right now:

We have our eye on these networks:

We do not recommend the following networks:


100% NVMeNoNoNoNo
100% SSDYesYesYesYesYes
Forces GDPR ComplianceNoNoYesNoYesYes


Suggestion? Feedback? Let us know. Happy to update this list or add more networks at anytime. Those who verbosely support SlickStack will be prioritized.

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