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Things change quickly with SlickStack due to ongoing development, but we get asked rather often about a Roadmap so we are adding something basic here. The truth is that so many features are under consideration or development due to still being in a sort of “supported Alpha” stage that we don’t want to make too many specific promises.

Generally speaking, here are our considerations:

*Note: due to the nature of static-file generator type sites and the trends therein, we likely will not be considering supporting them. However we may eventually support flat-file CMS systems that use PHP (etc) but do not require a MySQL database.

We are constantly re-considering the Must-Use plugins that we include with SlickStack, and the features of those plugins (LittleBizzy develops all of them, so we have complete control). For example, after 6+ years, Automattic has finally agreed to index the wp_options autoload table by default in WordPress Core, meaning that fairly soon we should be able to remove the Index Autoload plugin from our list of included MU plugins.

We have no plans to support so-called “serverless” stacks, since those typically require multiple servers or services (ironically) and drastically complicate stack deployment and maintenance, which is not the goal of SlickStack. We remain focused on user-friendly, simple, and incredibly performant single origin servers that pair nicely with third party CDNs etc.

For all our free plugins hosted on GitHub, we plan to eventually add support for Composer, NPM, and WP-CLI (when appropriate).

We are not currently considering MySQL alternatives, because we don’t see any good reason for it. The alternatives are not faster or better in any evident way, and Ubuntu supports MySQL by default for a reason. We fully expect the next several years to see a large number of MariaDB fans “return” to MySQL as their development cycles fall behind.

All this said, we welcome your feedback. If you are idling on our homepage and GitHub repos without offering any feedback, you are really not helping anyone. Please get involved in our Spectrum Chat if you’d be willing to offer your opinions and ideas. Thanks!

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