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Lightning-fast WordPress on Nginx

SlickStack is a fun and easy way to launch WordPress cloud servers.

But what is SlickStack, exactly? It's a super lightweight collection of bash scripts and cron jobs for deploying WordPress cloud servers that is lightning-fast, incredibly secure, and SEO optimized right out-of-the-box, created by LittleBizzy.

Newbie-friendly! Just run this shell command and follow the 5-minute wizard:

wget -O ss && bash ss

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Market-leading technical SEO for just $5/mo? Welcome to the future of WordPress DevOps.

This site is running on a $5/mo VPS server that you can set up in just a few minutes on any cloud network in the world. Loads pretty fast, huh? If you’ve had enough of bloated control panels, overpriced web hosting, and relying on middlemen for every little thing, it’s time to jump into the future and achieve the best SEO and security signals on the market (at incredible prices) using the open source SlickStack script, made especially for WordPress.


Open Source

100% free and open source code hosted entirely on GitHub.

No Dependencies

Native bash scripts that work on any Ubuntu or Debian machine.

Newbie Friendly

Very basic shell commands are all you need long-term.

Long-term Stability

Default software versions and simple config mean no surprises.

Reliable Speed

Consistent performance without any janky unstable features.

Automatic Backups

Local database and file dumps that can also be stored remotely.

Hardcoded Security

Say goodbye to malware and bloated security plugins forever.

Technical SEO

Market-leading technical SEO signals you won't find anywhere else.

Maintenance Free

Literally maintains itself, you won't know what to do with your free time.

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