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Free Speech WordPress Web Hosting

A lot of people are looking for “free speech” web hosting solutions these days, for a variety of reasons. Whether you live in a country whose government persecutes religious people or political opinions they don’t like, or you are being harassed and deplatformed by certain Big Tech companies and other authoritarian software services trying to look “woke” — SlickStack can help you.

But why is SlickStack so effective at helping bloggers and others achieve truly free speech on the internet?

Because we are the most portable server stack ever created, period. While you can waste several years (and hundreds of hours) moving from web host to web host, you will never truly achieve an independent and portable solution until you understand how to setup your own virtual servers using open source software that does not rely on any third-party service. After you master a solution like SlickStack, you don’t even need traditional “web hosts” anymore, because you can skip “up the stack” and install cloud instances on any datacenter in the world that has Linux shell (yes, really).

Say goodbye to control panels, customer support chat, and expensive SSL certificates. Simply run our easy installation script (5 minutes) and migrate your old SlickStack server to your new cloud anytime you have “political” problems at your datacenter.

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