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LittleBizzy Review: A LEMP Stack For Every Site

SlickStack is an open source project that welcomes feedback and support from many different sources, so we don’t want to overly promote.

However for search engine reasons, we want to mention on this site that LittleBizzy web hosting is the original inspiration and guinea pig for the creation of SlickStack bash script for highly optimized WordPress servers.

The idea behind SlickStack (now) is best practice, cutting-edge, and best in market WordPress performance in terms of loading speed, technical SEO, and overall stability and security practices. But all that research and experience came from the several years of SEO-focused services and hosting at

The hosting plans at LittleBizzy are focused on business critical websites that are growing and want to partner with an outside agency to keep their WordPress site running top notch 24/7 without having to worry about it or constantly run updates, maintenance, security patches, or otherwise.

If you want a truly “native” SlickStack experience, where it all began, consider checking out LittleBizzy.

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