SlickStack Now Supports ClassicPress

Update: due to aggressive censorship of users on and the betrayal of their own promise to be champions of free speech and transparency, we’ve decided not to support ClassicPress for the time being and wish their project the best of luck.

After several weeks of testing we’re happy to announce support for ClassicPress, the non-profit “democracy lead” fork of WordPress. In less than a year, the outpouring of support for ClassicPress from the international developer community has been huge, creating perhaps what is already the most successful fork of WordPress to date.

Founder Scott Bowler, from the United Kingdom, has focused heavily on establishing principles of transparency, fairness, and ethics while putting together a Founding Committee and inviting input and contributions from literally anyone in the world to the project.

Only time will tell how successful the CMS will be, but so far the philosophical direction of ClassicPress appears promising. The public petitions system has already gathered dozens of popular requests to ClassicPress, many of which aim to reduce the bloat and spam that has been steadily introduced to WordPress over the years from Automattic, despite over 63% of WordPress contributions being from non-Automattic employees at last count.

In case you’re wondering, yes, this makes SlickStack the very first deployment or provisioning tool to explicitly support ClassicPress that we’re aware of.

We will update this post more at a later time, but for now we want to publish this announcement. Cheers!

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