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Last modified on January 14th, 2022

SlickStack Vs. ServerPilot (Free Alternative)

Looking for a ServerPilot alternative? Want to know how ServerPilot compares alongside SlickStack? Browse the table below to see a detailed breakdown of features between these applications to determine which one might better suit your needs…

Note: We believe in friendly competition, but anyone contributing to FOSS projects has our utmost respect. Please thank them!

Last updated: Sep 11, 2021

100% Free Of Charge (No Premium Add-Ons, etc)YesNo
100% Free SSL Certificates (Forever)YesUnknown
100% Open Source Licensed SoftwareYes (GPL)No
Specifically Emphasizes KVM Virtualization (VPS)YesUnknown
Includes Staging/Dev Site Subdomains For Every WebsiteYesNo
Optimized For WordPress (Or PHP-Based CMS Applications)YesNo
Standard Bash Commands Can Be Used Without ConflictYesNo
Designed Specifically For Debian/Ubuntu LTSYesNo
Avoids IP Blacklisting (No Email Servers Included)YesNo
Designed To Support Cloudflare CDNYesNo
Includes WordPress MU Plugins For Speed/SEO/Security (Optional)YesNo
Container-Free (No Dependencies Besides Linux)YesNo
Removes EXIF Data From All JPEG Files For PrivacyYesUnknown
Direct / Root Server Management YesNo
Upgrade Server Packages Without ConflictYesNo
Default Database SoftwareMySQLUnknown
Built-In Object CacheYes (Redis)Unknown
Includes Modern Email API Support (e.g. SendGrid)PlannedUnsure
WP Single SIte OnlyYesNo
Direct / Root Server ManagementYesNo
Includes Monitoring Application PlannedUnsure
Upgrade Server Packages Without Conflict YesNo

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