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Custom Cron Schedule

Currently its not possible (or at least, not recommended) to modify the root Crontab. This is one of the main features of SlickStack, is hardcoded cron schedules to achieve top stability and performance. Too many teams jump into the Linux crontab and start hacking crons all over the place without thinking about the future, or other team members, or performance, etc. SlickStack aims to popularize the concept of never messing with Linux cron itself for website stacks, and instead adding custom cron work “lower” down the server stack in other scripts.

That said, if you have feedback about the current SlickStack cron schedules, please do let us know.

For example, some teams want to have database backups every single minute on very busy websites, which we certainly understand. However, we think our current 15 minute cron (the most frequent cycle that SlickStack currently supports) is best for stack stability. So we imagine that there are not many tasks that would need to run more often than 15 minutes. We understand the desire for “real time” backups, however… and currently we recommend using a remote application to achieve this instead (e.g. off-server app that has root SSH access to your origin server).

We have plans to add support for e.g. SS-Custom (or similar) where teams can add custom Bash scripts, but this would not involve changing the actual Crontab schedules (nor the SlickStack Core Cron Jobs).

Last modified on March 23, 2020