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Feature Policy Header Options

Because this emerging header was announced in 2018 and various browsers and entities are running with it in different ways, it means that depending on who you ask the supported options are totally different. In order to support all major browsers and environments, we have to be aware of every single common Feature Policy option:

ambient-light-sensor none;
animations self;
autoplay none;
accelerometer none;
camera none;
display-capture none;
document-domain none;
document-write none;
encrypted-media none;
fullscreen self;
geolocation none;
gyroscope none;
image-compression *;
legacy-image-formats *;
magnetometer none;
max-downscaling-image *;
microphone none;
midi none;
notifications self;
payment none;
picture-in-picture self;
push none;
speaker self;
sync-xhr none;
unsized-media *;
usb none;
vertical-scroll self;
wake-lock none;
webauthn none;
vibrate none;
vr none;
xr-spatial-tracking none;
Last modified on October 18, 2019