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Junk MySQL Tables

If you are using SlickStack and are using our default plugin blacklist.txt file then, assuming you are not going to be using the plugins we recommend not using, you can safely delete all of the following tables from your MySQL database:

  • wp_404_to_301
  • wp_blc* (Broken Links Checker)
  • wp_duplicator* (Duplicator)
  • wp_links (WP Core)
  • wp_ewwwio_images
  • wp_layerslider* (Layerslider)
  • wp_optimizepress* (OptimizePress)
  • wp_om_hits_log
  • wp_popdom*
  • wp_redirection_404 (Redirection plugin)
  • wp_revslider* (Revolution Slider a.k.a. Slider Revolution)
  • wp_rg_* (deprecated Gravity Forms tables)
  • wp_smugmug_widget
  • wp_snp_stats (Ninja Popups for WordPress)
  • wp_wf* (WordFence)
Last modified on October 27, 2019