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Can I still run Normal Linux Commands on SlickStack?

Yes you can. You can run sudo apt update && upgrade anytime you want, or sudo reboot, or whatever else. The idea of SlickStack is that it is a bundle of bash scripts to save you time and create more harmony in LEMP stack admin for WordPress, but it does not “take over” your OS like a container or other stack script might.

That said, you need to be aware that if you choose to run “normal” commands in Ubuntu then you are choosing to go outside SlickStack, which means “buyer beware” or however you want to think about it. We do our best to make SS be intuitive and not conflict with normal server administration, but we do encourage you to remain “within” the world of SlickStack as much as possible and use our scripts and cron jobs instead of customizing your server elsewhere, to guard against future conflicts.

Last modified on December 12, 2020