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Which WordPress version?

**What version of WordPress does SlickStack install?**

Generally it installs the latest (current) version of WordPress, as long its not a major version. In other words, since our goal is stability and security, SlickStack will always bundle the most recent “minor” version of WordPress. So if the latest release of WordPress over at is currently 5.2.0 then SlickStack will usually wait to bundle version 5.2.1 because these minor versions (as per semantic versioning standards) means that several bugs and patches have now been fixed. So in this scenario if 5.2.1 is not yet available, then SlickStack will install 5.1.1 because its the latest stable “minor” patched release.


About the Author

Jesse Nickles

Jesse is the lead developer for the SlickStack project and also for HoverCraft, the accompanying free WordPress theme. He has been customizing WordPress for both personal websites and SEO clients for over 15+ years, with a focus on simplicity and longevity.


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