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Why Ubuntu distro

**Why do you use Ubuntu instead of other distros?**

Many geeky distro fanboys love to hate on Ubuntu for one reason or another, but the truth remains that besides RedHat, Ubuntu has been the only stand out and dominant Linux distro for many years now. They have beyond proven themselves when it comes to regularl and reliable versioning and release schedules, and incredible package maintenance. Ubuntu has their finger on the pulse of industry changes and has a solid idea of what packages should be included — and what versions of those packages. Their unique and impressive focus on stability makes them a perfect OS to base a LEMP stack script on. Their decisions end up widely impacting the greater web hosting and web dev community, and they have a corporate sponsor that is financially stable, while still maintaining and promoting a truly open source community that is the perfect answer to avoiding Big Tech monopolies.

More: https://slickstack.io/features/ubuntu/

Last modified on January 15, 2021