SlickStack Experts

A selective list of experts and consultants who have experience with SlickStack and LittleBizzy plugins. If you want to hire someone to setup a SlickStack server for you or require some custom web development work or freelancing in regard to LittleBizzy software, consider someone on the below list:


  1. Sign up for a Developer Membership at (this is not a guarantee of being listed here, but rather a prerequisite to establish an official relationship)
  2. Contact us by opening a new Issue on our GitHub repo with your name, homepage URL, and a brief introduction of yourself, and we will review and add you here if approved. If you change your mind at any point, simply add a comment to the Issue and we will remove you from this list of Experts.

Note: Yes, a GitHub account is required. You should be at least generally familiar with GitHub, and your GitHub profile needs to look professional/real. Your Github user profile should have your real name, headshot photo, and homepage URL, at minimum. We will embed your headshot photo directly from your GitHub profile, and will not re-host your headshot image on our servers or otherwise — you are in control.

No agencies/companies for now, individuals only please.