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Lightning-fast WordPress on Nginx

SlickStack is a fun and easy way to launch WordPress cloud servers.

But what is SlickStack, exactly? It's a super lightweight collection of bash scripts and cron jobs for deploying WordPress cloud servers that is lightning-fast, incredibly secure, and SEO optimized right out-of-the-box, created by LittleBizzy.

Newbie-friendly! Just run this shell command and follow the 5-minute wizard:

wget -O ss slick.fyi/ss && bash ss

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Market-leading technical SEO for $5/mo? Welcome to the future of WordPress DevOps.

This site is running on a $5/mo VPS server that you can setup in just a few minutes on any cloud network in the world. Loads pretty fast, huh? Use our default GitHub mirrors, or use your own on a new URL after you fork our open-source repo on GitHub.

Brief Philosophy Behind SlickStack:

Outside of the so-called Application Layer, so much of the way computers and servers now work has been moved away from in-house teams and specialists and onto “the cloud” that terms like DevOps have become standard among recruiters, companies, and developers alike. Modern web development trends have begun to revolve entirely around concepts such as automation, APIs, cloud services, and beyond — a phenomenon we might refer to as Web 3.0.

While this shift is exciting, there is now a massive and growing disconnect between these emerging technologies and the humans that are expected to implement or benefit from them. Typical small business owners (SMBs), along with independent agencies or freelancers, now face a virtually impossible learning curve if they wish to maintain not only a competitive “webdev” edge, but even to keep up with basic standards in website performance and security.

Thus, before the likes of Google and Amazon and Shopify and Wix take over the entire web and turn it into Wall Street-backed website builders that feed into their private ecosystems, SlickStack hopes to bridge the knowledge gap between emerging technology and old-school web development to empower SMBs to achieve top notch website performance and security by offering a “controlled” LEMP-stack environment with limited options that is perfectly suited to the world’s most popular open-source CMS: WordPress.

Last modified on April 11, 2023

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