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ss import database

This command will import a database dump file /tmp/import.sql if it exists, otherwise /tmp/ or /tmp/import.sql.gz if those exist. It will overwrite the ENTIRE production database on your SlickStack server so be sure you backup your database (download it manually or remotely save it somewhere) before running this command. All previous data in your database […]

ss cron custom minutely

Runs whatever tasks/code you have manually added to the custom cron file of the minutely interval which can be found in the directory /var/www/crons/custom/ Routine runs /var/www/crons/custom/01-cron-minutely-custom Alias Commands ss cron custom minutely ss cron custom 01

ss cron minutely

Runs the corresponding bash script which is hardcoded into the root crontab on SlickStack servers to run 1x per minute. In turn, various tasks exist that are critical functions of SlickStack, and you can add custom tasks using the custom cron file of the same interval name. Routine runs /var/www/crons/01-cron-minutely Alias Commands ss cron minutely […]

ss sync development

This command runs the associated bash script and syncs files/database from production to your dev site. It will overwrite all files/database on the dev site, so be very careful… if you wish to save your previous dev site, you should back up that data and save it somewhere (remotely or locally) before running this command. […]

ss perms

Routine Runs the /var/www/ss-perms bash script Description One of the secret weapons of SlickStack is this script, which resets file and user permissions across your entire SlickStack LEMP stack server in one command. There is nothing really like it on any other configuration management scripts, because most other software is open-ended, whereas SlickStack can do […]

Pushing Staging to Production

After several years of discussion and careful thought, SlickStack decided to not provide any function or script for developers to push staging sites live to the production site. The reasons for this are several… Firstly, we believe that staging sites should be for temporary testing of new features, and not for long-term redesign work (that’s […]

ss push development

Runs the associated bash script which will push both the database and entire /wp-content/ file structure from your dev site (subdomain) to your main production site. Keep in mind that, in an effort to avoid accidental data loss, the existing production database and production files will not be deleted first. In other words, the dev […]

ss maintenance enable

Enables the maintenance mode that SlickStack supports out-of-the-box by placing maintenance.html under the public root folder /var/www/html and then purging all caches for extra surety. This feature can be used anytime you want to completely block access to your frontend, including the WordPress admin (WP Admin) area. Absolutely all incoming HTTP requests to Nginx will […]

ss sync staging

This command runs the associated bash script, which, if STAGING_SITE is enabled in ss-config (set to true) then it will proceed to copy over all your files from the production site’s folder into the staging site’s folder, with the exception of the /uploads/ folder… this is to save space, and avoid headaches. For example, very […]

ss install wordpress config

Reinstalls the wp-config.php file using the boilerplate that SlickStack maintains on GitHub. The boilerplate will be downloaded to your localhost server, then using the settings you’ve chosen in your ss-config file, a unique and secure wp-config.php file will be generated. Keep in mind that wp-config.php is meant to be read-only on SlickStack servers, and should […]

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