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ss import files

Routine: runs ss-import-files Description: Displays an interactive dialogue in the shell that allows you to untar an archive file named /tmp/import.tar or if not exists, an alternative gzipped file that is named /tmp/import.tar.gz which will overwrite the files located under /var/www/html after prompting you to confirm. If any pre-existing files exist that are not overwritten […]


There are a few different types of CLI commands you can leverage when logged into SSH on a SlickStack server. Keep in mind that SlickStack is designed for the Ubuntu LTS operating system, and also bundles WP-CLI too, so we take a very pragmatic approach to dealing with CLI commands to avoid conflicts while still […]

Force Cloudflare cache HTML files

By default SlickStack sets Cache-Control headers on .html files:   location ~* \.(html)$ { try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?$args; set $cachecontrol “public, max-age=691200”; }   However, Cloudflare considers .html files as dynamic content and they will strip out etag and content-length headers from SlickStack… Cloudflare does NOT strip the cache-control header, however it effectively ignores it […]

Does SlickStack support PHP Composer?

As of March 2022 we announced no more support for PHP Composer. We never “really” supported it, but had played with it as part of experimental Magento support, etc. This lead us to realize that Composer is rather the opposite of what SlickStack wants to embrace, which is lightweight and straightforward module control and optimization. […]

What is a pilot file?

A SlickStack pilot file is a small bash script that any developer, team, or company can maintain to make it easier/faster to manage multiple SlickStack servers. We recommend the “secret Gist” feature on GitHub, which allows you to generate a file that can be wget without allowing search engine indexing. Within the pilot file your […]

LEMP stack meaning

What is the meaning of LEMP stack? It is an acronym that stands for: Linux Nginx MySQL PHP And yes it’s a little funny that the “E” stands for Nginx, but it was trying to be similar to the LAMP stack acronym so they chose “E” to make it sound nice. The “Eeee” sound is […]

IP Address Blocks

Here are IP blocks you should whitelist in Cloudflare firewall:

What Core Maintenance does your team do?

As we are still in beta, new files and features are still being added regularly. However in the long-term, our team (or whoever forks SlickStack) would need to keep the following in mind: The root crontab is the “holy” part of SlickStack, the only file that can’t self-heal. It absolutely must install correctly during initial […]

Running apt update && upgrade

**Can I run apt update && apt upgrade without issues?** Yes, you can. The entire point of SlickStack is to be a lightweight group of Bash scripts that save you time without adding bloat to your stack (and reducing most learning curves). Your LEMP stack will be just like any other LEMP stack tutorial you […]

TMPFS disabled default

**Why don’t you use TMPFS or similar?** For stability reasons, we don’t use any tpmfs (memory-based storage) for caching or otherwise, as it introduces more instability, possible data loss, and doesn’t necessarily improve performance. What people people don’t realize is Linux already uses tmpfs for its own purposes, and already stores many “requests” in RAM. […]

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