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Lightning-fast WordPress on Nginx


ss install wordpress packages

Description: Reinstalls WordPress core (all files, default plugins and themes, etc) but doesn’t touch wp-config.php … since SlickStack sets our free HoverCraft theme as the default theme, that means that brand new installs of SlickStack (WordPress) will result in the HoverCraft theme being activated. However, for existing WordPress installs that have already been configured to […]

ss dump files

Routine: runs the /var/www/ss-dump-files bash script Description: This command is meant to be run interactively in the shell by sysadmins who want to dump ALL files under the /var/www/html directory into a gzipped TARball. Running this command will ALWAYS dump the entire production directory into /var/www/backups/html/production.tar.gz however it will only dump the development and/or staging […]

Pushing Development To Production

Like with many tasks in the WordPress world, there are multiple ways you can “push” or install the web design from your development (subdomain) site in SlickStack onto your main production site. Migration plugins One of the easiest ways is simply using a free migration plugin like All In One Migration. Some of these plugins […]

ss install ubuntu crontab

Description: This commands runs the associated bash script for installing the root crontab boilerplate maintained by SlickStack on GitHub into the localhost root crontab location for long-term scheduling of the hardcoded cron jobs included with SlickStack. Routine: runs ss-install-ubuntu-crontab script Alternative command syntax: ss install crontab Related commands: ss install ubuntu bash ss install ubuntu […]


This is the hardcoded crontab boilerplate that SlickStack installs. We call it 00-crontab to ensure it appears first in the list of cron job files when you’re browsing Ubuntu via SSH, but in fact this file is simply “copied” into the root crontab file which is located in /var/spool/cron/crontabs/root Associated commands: ss install ubuntu […]

Cron Jobs

Cron jobs are one of the most important features of SlickStack, and really is what powers most of our philosophy and functionality. The critical thing to understand is that when you install and maintain a SlickStack server, you should never edit or modify the root crontab because it is arguably the most crucial file that […]

ss dump database

Routine: runs /var/www/ss-dump-database Default interval: hourly Description: This command (and the bash script it correlates with) are called by SlickStack on the hourly interval by default. This can be changed to a different interval within your ss-config file if desired… for example, if your production site is extremely busy, or your database is extremely large, you […]

Self-Healing Failsafes

In case something happens to SlickStack Core Bash Scripts, either deleted, nulled or otherwise, there are a few failsafes we have built in. First, the Core Cron Jobs will re-download the Bash Scripts if not found or contents nulled. Second, the root Crontab will re-download the Core Cron Jobs if not found or contents nulled. […]

Why env-vars not used

**Why don’t use you env-vars (environment variables)?** Teams who use GitHub repos to develop their sites (e.g. dev/stage/production branches) have started using env-vars with systems like Roots Trellis so that their entire codebase can be safely open-source. However, this requires defining the env-vars within the server stack (hidden from public root) so it’s not so […]

ss check

Called by certain processes in SlickStack such as ss install and cron jobs (in case missing or damaged). It will retrieve all the cron job and bash script files required by SlickStack from our public GitHub repo and place them under the /var/www directory. Note that the only file it will NOT download is ss-check […]

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