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ss push development

Runs the associated bash script which will push both the database and entire /wp-content/ file structure from your dev site (subdomain) to your main production site. Keep in mind that, in an effort to avoid accidental data loss, the existing production database and production files will not be deleted first. In other words, the dev database/files will overwrite whatever exists in production, but without proactively deleting anything. This could mean that, after pushing dev to prod with this command, you discover some leftover database tables, or leftover files in the /wp-content/ folders, that you don’t actually want or need in production anymore. In such a case, you can either ignore it, or manually cleanup the database and physical files in production that you don’t want to be there. If you’d like to avoid this happening, simply delete your entire production database and files before pushing dev to prod, and then it will be much cleaner and an exact copy of whatever you built in dev.


  1. Runs the ss-push-development bash script

Alternative Commands

  • ss push dev

Related Commands

  • ss push staging
About the Author

Jesse Nickles

Jesse is the lead developer for the SlickStack project and also for HoverCraft, the accompanying free WordPress theme. He has been customizing WordPress for both personal websites and SEO clients for over 15+ years, with a focus on simplicity and longevity.

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