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ss import database

This command will import a database dump file /tmp/import.sql if it exists, otherwise /tmp/ or /tmp/import.sql.gz if those exist. It will overwrite the ENTIRE production database on your SlickStack server so be sure you backup your database (download it manually or remotely save it somewhere) before running this command. All previous data in your database […]

ss push development

Runs the associated bash script which will push both the database and entire /wp-content/ file structure from your dev site (subdomain) to your main production site. Keep in mind that, in an effort to avoid accidental data loss, the existing production database and production files will not be deleted first. In other words, the dev […]

ss dump database

Routine: runs /var/www/ss-dump-database Default interval: hourly Description: This command (and the bash script it correlates with) are called by SlickStack on the hourly interval by default. This can be changed to a different interval within your ss-config file if desired… for example, if your production site is extremely busy, or your database is extremely large, you […]

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