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There are a few different types of CLI commands you can leverage when logged into SSH on a SlickStack server. Keep in mind that SlickStack is designed for the Ubuntu LTS operating system, and also bundles WP-CLI too, so we take a very pragmatic approach to dealing with CLI commands to avoid conflicts while still supporting the different methods explained here.

Ubuntu Linux commands

Aiming for easy onboarding of newbies and to avoid command conflicts, any “normal” Linux shell commands can be used without interfering with the functionality of SlickStack. You might be thinking “yah, but can’t I do that on any other system, too?” and you’d be correct.

However, SlickStack is a bit different than some projects because it actively expects users to sometimes use commands like sudo apt update && upgrade if they so wish; running typical Ubuntu commands, or installing extra packages that SlickStack doesn’t include by default, should never be a problem when using SlickStack.

Even in the case of accidentally deleting a SlickStack script or messing up a config file, it should eventually self-heal itself. Unless you are purposefully wrecking havoc on your machine, typical Linux commands should be no problem when using SlickStack.

WP-CLI commands

Another important thing to realize is that SlickStack includes the fantastic WP-CLI extension on all servers by default. Because it was recently acquired by Automattic, this means that web developers can safely trust in the longevity of the project.

Like with other modules, SlickStack hardcodes the WP-CLI configuration to enable/disable certain commands and features to ensure compatibility with our own code and commands, and to improve security. That being said, only a few wp commands are disabled:

  • config create
  • config delete
  • config edit
  • config set
  • db cli
  • db create
  • db drop
  • db reset
  • package
  • server
  • shell

SlickStack commands

Similar with some other stack scripts, SlickStack includes several easy commands to help you save key strokes and improve usability. One of the unique features of SlickStack is that many commands can also be substituted for long-form versions that simply run one of the bash scripts that are bundled as part of our project… for example, instead of running ss check you could also run sudo bash /var/www/ss-check if that’s easier for you.

This is not always the case, however, as some ss commands run more than one script, or perform tasks that are not merely calling a physical bash script file.

For example, ss install wordpress will run both ss-install-wordpress-packages and also ss-install-wordpress-config , and running ss config enable staging will edit your ss-config file to change STAGING_SITE value to true (reinstall then required).

As you can see, some commands are directly correlated with a single bash script but other commands might perform multiple or more dynamic tasks. Below is a complete list:

  • ss check
  • ss config dev disable
  • ss config dev enable
  • ss config staging disable
  • ss config staging enable
  • ss cron minutely
  • ss cron custom minutely
  • ss cron often
  • ss cron custom often
  • ss cron regular
  • ss cron custom regular
  • ss cron quarter-hourly
  • ss cron custom quarter-hourly
  • ss cron half-hourly
  • ss cron custom half-hourly
  • ss cron hourly
  • ss cron custom hourly
  • ss cron quarter-daily
  • ss cron custom quarter-daily
  • ss cron half-daily
  • ss cron custom half-daily
  • ss cron daily
  • ss cron custom daily
  • ss cron half-weekly
  • ss cron custom half-weekly
  • ss cron weekly
  • ss cron custom weekly
  • ss cron half-monthly
  • ss cron custom half-monthly
  • ss cron monthly
  • ss cron custom monthly
  • ss cron sometimes
  • ss cron custom sometimes
  • ss clean files
  • ss dump database
  • ss dump files
  • ss encrypt certbot
  • ss encrypt openssl
  • ss import database (interactive)
  • ss import files (interactive)
  • ss install bash
  • ss install mysql config
  • ss install nginx config
  • ss install swapfile
  • ss install ubuntu crontab
  • ss install wordpress cli
  • ss install wordpress config
  • ss install wordpress packages
  • ss install wordpress mu plugins
  • ss maintenance disable
  • ss maintenance enable
  • ss overview
  • ss perms
  • ss perms mysql config
  • ss perms nginx config
  • ss perms wp config
  • ss perms wp core
  • ss push development
  • ss push staging
  • ss sync staging
  • ss worker

…more soon.

About the Author

Jesse Nickles

Jesse is the lead developer for the SlickStack project and also for HoverCraft, the accompanying free WordPress theme. He has been customizing WordPress for both personal websites and SEO clients for over 15+ years, with a focus on simplicity and longevity.

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