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Lightning-fast WordPress on Nginx


Redirect Loops

One of the most common questions we get is about servers (websites) that have completed the ss-install process but are seeing redirect loop error messages in the browser on the frontend. This is nearly always caused by the Cloudflare “SSL” tab settings being set to “flexible SSL” instead of “full SSL”. The issue is that […]

MySQL Server Mode Options


WordPress MySQL Tables

Exhaustive (evolving) list of common tables in MySQL in WordPress sites.   wp_wi_logs (WebinarIgnition)

Junk MySQL Tables

If you are using SlickStack and are using our default plugin blacklist.txt file then, assuming you are not going to be using the plugins we recommend not using, you can safely delete all of the following tables from your MySQL database: wp_404_to_301 wp_blc* (Broken Links Checker) wp_duplicator* (Duplicator) wp_links (WP Core) wp_ewwwio_images wp_layerslider* (Layerslider) wp_optimizepress* […]

Database Access

By default SlickStack now bundles the open source Adminer script. This script is placed securely in the /var/www/meta/ directory which cannot be accessed by WordPress or any frontend users. The script can be updated or reinstalled anytime by reinstalling SlickStack. Using Nginx magic, the script is loaded on the frontend at: You can also […]

What Nginx Configuration Is Used? How To Customize It?

What is the Nginx config that SlickStack uses or how to customize it? Good question. We try to limit the amount of options in SlickStack to improve stability and standardization. This is because many of the settings have been tested for many years by various sysadmins and teams the best practice settings are already well […]

Let’sEncrypt (Certbot) Support

Update: it is now supported! Change the SSL_TYPE in ss-config to say “certbot” then run ss-install. If it is your very first time installing SlickStack on that server then first you need to ensure Cloudflare is active so that Certbot can verify your domain over HTTPS (via OpenSSL + Cloudflare). After verification is working, then […]

Docker Support

Nope SlickStack does not support Docker or any other containers like Kubernetes because its meant to be bare bones. All you need is a Debian/Ubuntu server and  that’s it. Bash is included on any Unix machine so as long as you have the free Ubuntu OS installed that’s the only requirement. Container are cool, but […]

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