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When will SlickStack support Debian not only Ubuntu

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    it was mentioned on your Roadmap for few years, seems still not supported during installation there will be a warning about Ubuntu LTS supported only.

    WordPress ‘Installers’ on Debian11

    will this be supported, Debian OS?

    Debian is less junk and spyware than Ubuntu.

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    serious question: Who cares

    I don’t understand the Debian fanbois.

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    Debian is fantastic and they have LTS releases just like Ubuntu:

    There is a new stable release every two years and it is supported for a total of five years. The first three years are by Debian security team and the next two years by volunteers (in the form of Debian LTS team). After that, you have to upgrade to the next available stable release.

    But they are focused strongly on FOSS and installing MySQL takes a few more steps from my understanding, among other possible things SlickStack would have to adjust. Debian is focused on supporting all kinds of hardware and being extremely community minded and open source… this is wonderful, but if you want easier package management and installation than really nothing can beat Ubuntu these days.

    We would love to support Debian, it would require a lot of testing first!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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