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WordFence keeps blocking Rank Math as “spam” lmao

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    It’s been 3+ years and Rank Math still keeps getting blocked by security plugin WordFence because it detects their spyware in the code.

    I can’t stop laughing

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    The devs at WordFence even tried to whitelist Rank Math to throw them a bone but their own spyware detection keeps blocking it again apparently with every new version of Rank Math that is released. This thread is 2+ years old:

    RankMath Files Getting Blacklisted By Wordfence As SPAM or Is It False Positive? from WordPress

    From WF devs

    I’m a QA Engineer and Threat Analyst at Wordfence. Based on the location and context, it does look like those are likely to be False Positives. I’m going to pull the signature that detected them for review, so the next time you scan you shouldn’t see them.

    (edit) Update – it does look like that signature has more false positives than I’d like so it’s going back to development. Thanks for reporting this!

    And the OP up in arms

    That’s not the only thing, Wordfence also started blocking non admin users with a WAF 223 rule for updating post meta. I checked and the same issue was generated a year ago and was fixed. I had to whitelist it.

    Oh boy

    Don’t know why this keeps happening to rankmath. I had yoast seo for 3 years no errors at all, before moving to rankmath in 2020.

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    lol bro can’t figure out why it keeps happening

    You. Installed. Spyware. On. Your. WordPress. Site.


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    well WordFence is just as bloated and also tries to track their users

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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Last modified on February 1, 2023