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MySQL 5.7

Yes! SlickStack uses real, virgin, 100% authentic MySQL — not one of the other database engines like MariaDB, Percona, or otherwise. This is for the very simple reason that Ubuntu LTS still defaults to using MySQL because their (massive) operating system community has determined it is still the “better” choice for a variety of reasons. Since our goal is trusting the upstream stack as much as possible with SlickStack to reduce conflicts and improve stability, we also stick with MySQL.

The amount of staff and enterprise clients involved with MySQL absolutely dwarfs any other database community. While MariaDB has gotten trendier among the open source community in recent years, their team is much, much smaller, and as time goes on they are having a more difficult time keeping up with new performance features that are released in MySQL.

While MariaDB has some cool features that MySQL does not have, nearly all of them do not apply to a LEMP stack server running WordPress.

MailChimp Banned Over Censorship Concerns

Starting immediately, SlickStack has begun warning WordPress sites that have MailChimp software installed that we will begin banning it by default at some point in the near future. (Note: users are always free to install their own plugin blacklist.txt file, instead of using the default one.) This is in accordance with our official goals of […]

How we maintain both HTTP and HTTPS mirrors

GitHub Pages is an awesome feature that came out a few years ago on GitHub to allow for basic, static-file HTML websites to be hosted free of charge on GitHub. It can be a bit confusing to understand in the beginning, because you must connect one of your repos to be used for a given […]

Native Staging Sites (Optional) In Subdirectory

For the past several weeks, SlickStack has been testing our new Staging Site feature and it is now live on all SlickStack installations. If you use another staging service or simply don’t use staging at all and wish to disable staging sites, simply change your ss-config options to be STAGING_SITE=”false” and it will later remove […]