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Best CloudFlare Settings For WordPress

September 20, 2019

These days, CloudFlare is almost universally well known among tech-savvy WordPress servers and web performance geeks. However, many users don’t realize how important it is to optimize all the settings. Many users will simply enable CloudFlare and then leave it, and then wonder why they are having some performance issues later on.

This blog post is an exhaustive list of all the settings you should change in CloudFlare when running SlickStack — however, nearly all of these recommendations apply for any other WordPress sites too, even if they are not running on Nginx (LEMP stacks).


…more coming soon, check back!

P.S. while there is an official WordPress plugin now from CloudFlare, it is very janky and is mostly just an iFrame that opens Also many of their “recommended” settings are actually a bad idea for most WordPress stacks.

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