There is a long unspoken tradition in the WordPress community of any significant player being careful not to criticize other significant players. For example, a sizable web hosting company or a particular theme that is growing popular have tended to “support” just about any other product or service out there, as long as it wasn’t malware, in an effort at building rapport.

Unfortunately, this is kind of like a travel guide that never tells you what places you should avoid. We understand why might take this approach, or certain other products or services might as well, but it is certainly not our goal here.

SlickStack takes a much different approach, by specifically blacklisting hundreds of problematic WordPress plugins. We fully expect some of these plugin authors to complain loudly, but the end goal of our project is to ensure cutting edge performance and sustainability on behalf of small and independent teams for years to come.

With that said, we maintain the below recommendations in regard to:

If you need specific help for SlickStack, we also maintain a vetted list of Experts.