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HTTP Nginx Auth (Password Required) Option?

Not at this time. We felt that adding a secondary “http auth” login via Nginx to the WP Admin / WP login is a bit pointless. SlickStack already has built in anti-brute force features for that URI pattern, as does Cloudflare. You can even use Cloudflare to setup a DNS-level auth page or security rules for that URI pattern if you desire.

Having a site-wide auth login also doesn’t make sense to us. We have a site-wide noindex feature already. If you want to make your WP site private, you can do that from inside WP itself.

Our goal is simplicity wherever possible, not adding more features just because. If you have feedback on this, please let us know, however! Thanks.

How we maintain both HTTP and HTTPS mirrors

GitHub Pages is an awesome feature that came out a few years ago on GitHub to allow for basic, static-file HTML websites to be hosted free of charge on GitHub. It can be a bit confusing to understand in the beginning, because you must connect one of your repos to be used for a given […]

Native Staging Sites (Optional) In Subdirectory

For the past several weeks, SlickStack has been testing our new Staging Site feature and it is now live on all SlickStack installations. If you use another staging service or simply don’t use staging at all and wish to disable staging sites, simply change your ss-config options to be STAGING_SITE=”false” and it will later remove […]

Adminer Bundled For Easy MySQL Management

The very lightweight Adminer script is now included by default in all SlickStack installations, hosted as a single adminer.php file under the /var/www/meta/ directory. This “hidden file” approach means a cleaner public web root, and less room for attacks and exploits. It uses the Nginx alias feature to point requests to to the /var/www/meta/adminer.php […]