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Does the Instant Indexing plugin actually help SEO

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    I have seen this plugin mentioned. That it can make search engines index your articles immediately after you publish them, is it worth it?


    just a few years ago you could submit URLs to Google from any website on their public Submit URL tool page and get anything indexed within minutes

    those were the days….


    Theres a few of these “indexing” plugins for WP. which one are you referencing


    Instant Indexing by Rank Math. Not sure about others.


    Instant Indexing by Rank Math. Not sure about others.

    does that plugin send URLs to Google, or just that pointless IndexNow service??


    I actually had a client a few months ago begging me to install Rank Math’s plugin on his site; he said it was because it allows Google to index content instantly.

    I was curious, so I investigated what Rank Math themselves say about it:

    How You Can Get Google To Crawl Your Website Instantly

    Note: Google recommends using the Indexing API ONLY for JobPosting or BroadcastEvent embedded in VideoObject websites. During our tests, we found that it worked on any type of website with great results and created this plugin for testing.

    If you are not sure whether you want to be using this or not, please stop reading and don’t proceed further. Though Indexing API isn’t against Google AdSense Policy and Terms of Service, we do not recommend using it on money websites. Please proceed at your own risk.

    We understand this is not for everyone 🙂

    So, basically they admit that they’re (ab)using a Google API for unauthorized purposes? That seems incredibly risky to me. Sure, maybe it works now, by accident, but at some point in the future Google will probably fix that – and possibly they might even penalize sites which are doing this.


    thanks for sharing that @Denis sounds pretty risky.


    Either way, Google has not “immediately” indexed content for the last few years already, even if you submit a URL multiple times to their GSC inspection tool and manually request indexing, they might simply ignore your content if it’s not good enough.

    So trying to automate this with an API and WP plugins seems pointless at best, since Google no longer indexes content by request.

    And at worst, sounds like it could actually penalize your website.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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