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does local business schema help SEO rankings or not really

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    I was going to implement this on a local doctor office (my clients), but I see that some opinions might have changed recently after HCU that it’s not a benefit anymore. What are you guys seeing in your own experiments? Thanks ahead of time!

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    <h1>Schema markup won’t rank you overnight (if at all), but it’s worth doing</h1>
    Structured data markup ( is definitely worth implementing (at least to some degree) given how easy it is to implement. Chances are if you’re on a SlickStack forum, it will take you two seconds. It’s not going to “rank” you tomorrow, you’ll likely see little (if any at all) difference in the near term.

    <h2>My advice</h2>
    Don’t try “hack the system” with your schema markup. Don’t bother writing it yourself either, just use a plugin (not Yoast SEO though, ew). You could spend a year refining the worlds best and most detailed markup, it won’t make you rank any better than the default output of a correctly configured plugin.

    <h3>Writing your schema:</h3>
    Make it as much of an accurate reflection of the business as you can vs spamming keywords and trying to “rank”.

    IMO anything other than RankMath sucks. If Yoast Premium was free, I’d still rather the free version of Rank Math. For Schema, Rank Math Pro is worth it, because of the easy schema templating system.

    <h2>What does schema do?</h2>
    LocalBusiness schema helps search engines make a semantic connection between your entities related to your business – location, contact details, and services. It can (we think) lead to more accurate and prominent appearances in local search results + Google Maps.

    Schema markup can enable rich snippets in search results, displaying additional information like ratings, reviews, events, recipes, carousels, etc.

    I reckon that the emphasis on schema will increase pretty quickly, with the onset of AI. It’s a lot cheaper for AI/LLM companies to crawl sites and extract info from JSON-LD rather than process websites. With Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) to be released to the public soon – it’s deffs important.

    The output that free schema generators generate is more than enough. I wouldn’t put more time into the localBusiness markup than what these spit out. If its an ecommerce site, etc, then definitely product markup — Doing this will get you in google’s shopping results tab:

    TL;DR: I’ve been an SEO consultant for ~9 years. Get it on the site, automate it, once it’s done, improvements aren’t a high priority SEO task. Focus on producing quality content and come back to schema later.

    ** Why am I posting this? started SEO 9 years ago and wasted a lot of time figuring this out. Hope it helps lol.

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    IMO anything other than RankMath sucks

    stopped reading after this 😂🤮

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    Why is that? Yoast has far fewer features and a lot more bloat.

    What are you saying is a better option?

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    Schema is not dead, but it’s getting there…

    tldr; AI + entities is probably going to kill it off entirely soon. Google is not going to “trust” your schema data when their AI + entity database says something different.

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    Rank Math is the mortal enemy of honest web developers.


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