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Mailpoet trying to scare users into using their sender

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    another plugin ruined by Automattic

    Get ready to send your first campaign.
    Connect your website with MailPoet, and start sending for free. Reach inboxes, not spam boxes. Why am I seeing this?

    this now shows up if you refuse to use the Automattic’s API server for email sending, even if you have another email sending service already

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    What does “why am I seeing this” message say?

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    This notice is shown when you have selected to send your MailPoet emails with your own host in the Settings > Send With… tab, and we detect an issue on your site that could prevent email sending using your host.
    This is generally due to any of the following reasons:
    You are using an email address that doesn’t match your website domain. (e.g. Error: Could not instantiate mail function);
    PHP mail() function has been disabled on your website/host/web server;
    Your website/host PHP installation is not configured to correctly call the mail() function;
    You have no local mail server installed and configured.
    In these cases, we highly encourage our users to send with MailPoet’s Sending Service or another professional third-party email service provider instead of sending with their website’s host.

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    Why doesn’t Mailpoet just default to whatever the email sending method is in WordPress like it always did for many years??

    Why are they trying force users into using their own sending API

    Doesn’t this mean potentially that Mailpoet is sending mail using a different method than the rest of your WordPress website is doing???

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    their dishonesty is even worse than I thought.

    If you go to “Send with…” settings in Mailpoet, and you choose “your web host / web server” as the sender, Mailpoet forces this to = PHP_mail. In other words, there is not any “default WordPress method” so you can’t use third party email API plugins anymore like Brevo or whatever you want.

    I confirmed this by testing the Brevo plugin on my client’s site, and it sent the test email fine. But when I do the test email inside Mailpoet it fails and says:

    The email could not be sent: Could not instantiate mail function.

    This does not appear to be an innocent mistake. Because they have another setting now called “Send all site’s emails with…” on the Advanced settings tab, and you can choose between:

    A. The current sending method – Your web host / web server (recommended)
    B. The default WordPress sending method (default)

    I tried both options, and Mailpoet’s test email still fails to send via the Brevo plugin which is properly configured.

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    So… in other words, if you want to use Mailpoet, you now have to use their own sender API method, otherwise use their SMTP, Amazon SES, or Sendgrid options. Apparently they have updated their plugin code to force ignore whatever default email sending methods or APIs you have configured inside WordPress.

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    if this is true…. how f*****g stupid, seriously. f**k Automattic.

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    how long before Mullenweg refactors Mailpoet to require Jetpack login? y’all know he’s itching to do this lmao

    only a matter of time before Mailpoet is unusable and anti-open-web

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    It’s the only thing Matt knows.

    Managing WooCommerce extensions is a total shitshow…

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    How else could Automattic monetize Mailpoet??? it’s the new Akismet. its probably going to be forced into new WordPress installations sooner or later

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    what does Automattic have to do with Mailpoet?

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    Automattic/Woo recently acquired Mailpoet.

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    Matt is also a major WP Engine investor:

    WP Engine will not stop spamming me!!!

    The man is a charlatan of epic proportions.

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    might be time to move on and stop using Mailpoet if they are making things that difficult, but the only alternative plugin I know is called “Newsletter” and I haven’t tried it

    Newsletter – Send awesome emails from WordPress

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